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Released January 18, 2023: Brighter Than Sunshine

25 years ago this month, I started on a new project at work and was made the third person in a four-person cubicle.
Brighter Than Sunshine

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Released December 21, 2022: Bountiful

My, how plans can change!

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Released November 22, 2022: When Superman Retires

I didn't grow up reading comic books.
When Superman Retires

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Released October 17, 2022: London Rain

25 years ago, I gave myself a birthday present.
London Rain

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Released September 23, 2022: Make You Feel My Love

In early 2021, I mentioned to my aunt that I was considering creating a scenario of some sort that involved people suggesting songs for me to cover.
I do not have a license to stream or sell this song from my site, but you can listen with these direct links:
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Painting titled 'Waves Of Love' showing waves breaking at the shore

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